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Thank you for visiting our clothing closet. We have free clothing available for people of all ages. Whether you're looking for clothing for a toddler or senior we'd like to welcome you to view all the items. If you see something you'd like, simply text "JCM-CC (ITEM #)" to 845-418-3784. If you're able to text, you may call the same number previously listed.  We will deliver, mail, or make arrangements for you to pick-up your item(s). We thank god for this opportunity to serve and truly look forward to hearing from you!!!

Previous events

First we thank God for the opportunity to give. He used Liz Black to organize

this evangelistic effort and we all met at Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist Church

on November 22nd 2016 for an great time of fellowship to initiate the clothing drive. Through the efforts (clothes collect, transportation, etc.)  of One Kingdom One God, True Breath of Life Church, and J.C.M. we were able bring coats to a women's shelter in Brooklyn and the Club House for Men and children. The recipients and Administrators were all very grateful and we look forward to continuing giving. We are still accepting coats if you are interested in giving please call 1-516-244-9497.

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